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I am Sally Endacott-Phillips based in Devon, U.K. I have owned Anatolian Shepherd Dogs since 1999. I have also been involved in the breed club ASDC of GB for many years, including serving as Chairman. I have bred two litters, including the Crufts BOS for 2005 Huri Hazine of Hisar. We do not have kennels, and our dogs live as part of the family - they are bred and raised indoors with other family pets and children. All Huri Anatolians are KC BVA Hip-Scored. E-Mail:

Friday, January 05, 2007

Huri Hanim - 'Hannah' New Photo!

Thank you to Brian and Cerys for this wonderful updated photo of their two dogs. Left, Tuzla Zebani (m) and right Huri Hanim (b). Hannah reaches her first birthday at the beginning of February! Happy Birthday Hannah.

Huri Anatolians will be at Crufts in 2007 supporting our judge Mrs Ann Arch. Chanim, Hazine and Hannah will all be there waving the flag for the rough coats, whilst Arkadas Ates will be there as the sole tricolour. All colours and coat textures all from the west country!!!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Junior World Show Winner - Huri Hasmet.

At the FCI World Show held in Poland from 9th to 12th November our very own Huri Hasmet took World Show Junior Winner at just 9 months of age! Darek and Eva have sent through some photo's of their dog and awards from the World Show - having trouble up-loading them right now, but check back later and they'll hopefully be up :-) .

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Huri Hanim - 'Hannah' UPDATE!

I have today received an e-mail from Brian and Cerys Tyson, who have Hannah, the only bitch from my February 2006 litter. They have written with the following wonderful news:

"Last night Hannah did us all proud and got her Bronze Award for Royal Institute of Professional Dog Training. She sailed through and did not put a foot wrong, even the worst point of all dogs in a circle, releasing your dog and calling her from between two other dogs on the other side of the hall from her place in the circle. She walked through as though the other dogs werent there. She has been asked to move up the classes from beginners to experienced class and to go for her silver, which will include heelwork, scenting retreival etc.."

All this before she has reached eight months of age!

Brian and Cerys were also at the North East Premier Open Show, and Zebani took the Open Class, Best Dog, and Best of Breed. Hannah took Best Puppy and Best Opposite. See photo below:

Left: Brian and Tuzla Zebani. Right: Cerys and Huri Hanim.

(Zebani is 2 years old, Hanim is 7 months old)

Congratulations to Brian and Cerys on their successes with these two wonderful dogs.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Huri Get Together!

Today the dogs of Huri all had a bit of a doggy get together in Okehampton. Six anatolians were there in all, Huri Hazine of Hisar (Hazine) and Arkadas TuzlaZevrek (Diesel) came to visit from Cornwall, along with my four, Hakem (Hazines brother), Tulin (Auntie off all!), Mr D (7 month old from Feb litter) and Chanim (mother of all except Tulin + Diesel). Complicated! Here are a few snapshots of our walk in the woods.

Above L-R: Mr D, Hazine, Chanim, Diesel, Hakem, Tulin.

Above L-R: Mr D (son), Hazine (daugher), Chanim (mum), Hakem (son).

Above L-R: "The Boys" Mr D (7 months) + Hakem (3yrs).

Above L-R: Diesel (16mths) + Mr D (7months).

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Huri Hasmet (Poland) Update.

These are the latest photo's of Hasmet in Poland with his buddy Asima.
These pictures were taken on 24th September at the International Dog
Show held at Wroclaw.

Hasmet @ 7 months old.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

Huri Hulus.

Huri Hulus a.k.a Baby Gin.
7 months old.

Gin is being lightly shown at local shows by Georgina, his 11 year old handler. So far, they have got themselves quite a collection of rosettes, and Georgina hopes to be able to make her debut at the Championship Shows in the near this space :-)


Friday, August 25, 2006

Hanim + Hulus - Family Re-Union.

Hanim (Hannah) was on her hols this week in Cornwall, and paid her litter brother Hulus (Gin) a visit! Here are a few snapshots of the two!

These two babies are 6 months and three weeks old. Their mother is fawn black mask with a rough-coat, and their dad is a tricolour shortcoat.

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Hanim Does It Again! Welsh KC Champ Show.

Hannah made another appearance a week after Bournemouth at the WELK's Show under Dennis Coxall, and repeated her success of Best Puppy in Breed, and the added bonus of Reserve Bitch In Breed!! A huge achievement for such a young puppy, especially a rough-coat! Hannah was the only rough-coat present on the day, and came up against mature bitches, all of which were short-coated fawn with black masks. Well done Cerys - you showed 'em!! :-) Thank you to Mr Dennis Coxall for such excellent and fair judging.

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Huri Hanim Crufts Qualifies at First Show!!

Huri Hanim, aka Hannah has qualified for Crufts at the tender age of 6 months and a few days!!! This little rough-coated girl showed her socks off for judge Zena Thorn-Andrews at Bornemouth Champ Show on 14th August, and was awarded Best Puppy In Breed!!! Congratulations to her owners Brian and Cerys Tyson, and huge thanks to the judge, Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews.

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